Peut-on conduire en toute sécurité après avoir consommé du cannabidiol (CBD) et le test de dépistage du THC sera-t-il positif ?
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Is it safe to drive after consuming cannabidiol (CBD) and will I test positive for THC?

Before you smoke a CBD joint and jump behind the wheels of a car, it's important to understand the law and possible repercussions.

Remember that cannabidiol does not have psychoactive properties, so it should not impair your judgement, reflex speed, or ability to drive.

But this doesn’t mean it is safe.

Why you shouldn’t smoke CBD and drive

CBD is no longer a controlled substance, so driving after consuming it is not a criminal offence. This means you can’t get charged if it's in your system, but it is not the CBD you should worry about.

With any CBD product, there is a small amount of THC. While growers make every effort to ensure there is not more than the legal limit, it's possible it may result in a positive THC test. It may also happen that the product you have has more THC in it than the legal amount.

Roadside THC tests are currently not the most accurate, but this technology is slowly improving. This doesn’t mean you should take your chances. These tests can detect THC in your system up to 12 hours after smoking.

Another point to consider is your insurance. If you're in a motor vehicle accident and THC is in your system, it's possible your insurer won't cover you.

Driving under the influence of cannabis in Europe and Switzerland can be a serious offence, so you want to do everything possible to avoid it. To make sure you don’t end up in this situation, make sure you are getting your CBD from a reputable supplier.

Swiss Premium Pollen provides a complete analysis alongside most of our products, so you can be assured of no extra THC! To find out more, view our products over here.

Beyond the potential legal issues of having THC in your system, CBD may also have some effects on you that don’t pair well with driving.

Consuming CBD can lead to drowsiness, nausea, and fatigue. Anyone who travels long distances in a car knows how easy it is to fall asleep behind the wheel, so this is a risk you don’t want to add to.

It's a good idea to completely understand how CBD interacts with your body before you ever get behind the wheels of a car. If cannabidiol makes you sleepy or drowsy in any way, make sure you take it when you know you won’t have to drive!

Start by taking CBD on your off days. If you don’t have any noticeable impairment, then you may be fine to drive. Remember, driving properly requires full attention and awareness, so make sure you function at your normal ability.

Is it safe to drive after taking CBD?

As we mentioned above, CBD can have some negative effects that may impair your driving abilities. Having said that, new evidence shows CBD has no cognitive effects that will make you any worse of a driver. Furthermore, people who take CBD for pain relief are less likely to cause an accident since there should be no pain taking their focus off the task at hand.

This is good news for those who take CBD before the day starts, either for chronic issues or to help them relax. If you do start to experience unwanted effects while driving, it's always better to pull over and assess the situation.

Can I drive under the influence of medical marijuana?

Even if medical marijuana is legal in your country, driving under the influence is illegal and could land you with some serious penalties. Expect to have your licence revoked, incur a hefty fine, or even get some jail time depending on how serious your offence is.

No matter the situation, it is better you don’t drive under the influence of any THC.

What's the best way to take CBD if you plan on driving?

While it seems pretty safe to smoke CBD and drive, it's recommended you do not. Keeping that in mind, there are safer ways to go about it.

Make sure you understand your own personal limits and tolerances so you don’t end up in an accident. Always get your cannabidiol from a trusted supplier ** that sticks to the legal limits in your country. It's better to wait up to 6 hours so no traces of THC remain in your system. Knowing your own limits and getting high-quality products will keep you from getting behind the wheels of a car when you shouldn’t.

Visit Swiss Premium Pollen to get your hands on a safe, high-quality product.

Remember, don’t drink and drive, smoke and fly.

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