Enjoying an extreme boost in popularity due to the rise of vaping, CBD Hash is a more concentrated form of CBD than either CBD Flowers or CBD Oil.

Believed to have originated in the Middle East or India, historical records show that hash has been in use in some form since the 13th century – or earlier! Of course, its use has now spread far beyond the region, and today hash is smoked, vaped, or otherwise consumed in nearly every corner of the world.

Let’s dig a little deeper into how CBD Hash is made. The process starts with the extraction and filtration of trichomes (the resin-producing glands of the cannabis plant) from hemp plants specifically selected for their richness in CBD. These trichomes are then compressed into a hashish, often in the form of a small ball or block.

The true fun with CBD Hash comes in the large variety of ways it can be consumed. In addition to smoking or vaping, CBD Hash can be used to make edibles, as long as it is first heated to a temperature of ~230⁰F for an hour or so in a process known as decarboxylation. Regardless of the method of consumption you choose, be sure to always start with a smaller dose and increase as required.