Special Brown

Our Special Brown is, as its name suggests, quite special. Promoting this pollen is what first led us to become popular in the resin lover’s community, and as such this pollen can almost be considered our signature product.
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Among the favorites of our team. What is needed where it is needed.


origin Suisse
cbd_level <33.0%
thc_level <1.0%
grow_type Intérieur
Its dark color brings back good memories, while its resinous but crumbly appearance makes it easy to use – it is far from resembling classic pollens. A pollen that definitely has its place in our collection! Its strength and appearance do not prevent it from being malleable and enjoyable to consume on a daily basis. It crumbles rapidly and easily between the fingers, revealing its dominant floral scent right away. Our product testers often mention notes that are floral, almost tropical, along with some that are more woody or earthy.

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