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CBD Pollen, Hash & Rocks from Switzerland
CBD <20.0%
THC <1.0%
Our Limoncello is a yellow resin with fairly dark hues, in line with other similar pollens within our portfolio.

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What does this CBD Pollen, Hash & Rocks taste like?


This pollen is crumbly and foamy, and extremely easy to work with. Its color is similar to the usual tones seen with our pollens, though a bit darker. It has a pollen and hemp perfume with lemony undertones. This is a fine and subtle pollen that is very pleasant to consume. Its flavors will especially please those who enjoy the taste of lemon.

Tasting Notes

Appearance Yellow Foamy Dark
Palate Subtle Vegetal Zesty



Good To Know

Grow Type Indoor

How to taste Swiss Premium Pollen Limoncello


It is a soft and harmonious pollen. Its subtle notes will allow you to incorporate it easily in the mixture of your choice. It will also be excellent consumed alone.


The ideal temperature to vaporize one of our pollens is between 200°C and 210°C. Be careful, exceeding 210°C will lead to combustion. Once vaporized, our Limoncello is even better. A subtle taste is released, revealing notes of lemon pollen.


Need an alternative? Think about infusion! The health benefits and effects will be even better. You can infuse our hemp dust in a fatty substance (milk, butter,...) and thus benefit from the effects of CBD by mixing your infusions with your culinary preparations.

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